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CRAB PANCIT - 145.00                                           
This was a popular appetizer we served at our restaurant Aux Iles Philippine in Paris, France.  Two star Michelin Chef Jacques Marniere of Au Pactole in the same district, brainstormed this recipe with my mother Nora Daza. This starter is a rich creamy crab concoction laid on a bed of light crispy noodles. (Fold the sauce with the noodles as soon as it is served.)

LUMPIANG SOTANGHON - 95.00                                                                      
This tasty dish was conceptualized in the 70’s when I used to live in Paris and worked in Aux Iles, our family’s Philippine restaurant. After work I would wind down by grabbing a bite to eat and take a leisurely stroll around this beautiful city of lights. One of my favorite snacks was a Vietnamese Spring Roll called Pate Imperial also known as Cha Gio. The Lumpiang Sotanghon is my version of that memorable spring roll paired with our very own sweet chili sauce.

WANSOY SHRIMP BALLS - 145.00                                                                              
I brainstormed this dish for my cooking show Kitchen Confidence with Sandy Daza. As with my other recipes, they are all a combination of different influences from different dishes I’ve tried before. This dish will certainly stir up your taste buds!



BICOL EXPRESS - 195.00                                            
Tita Cely Kalaw was the creator of this mouth-watering dish originally made with chili peppers, pork, & coconut cream. My version not only has a distinct color but also uses lean meat. It is mildly spicy making it a perfect complement to hot steamed rice. Try it! It will make the tip of your nose perspire with satisfaction!

ADOBO FLAKES - 195.00                                                  
Chef Rox Cailao is a good friend who makes an incredible version of this staple dish. Everyone loves Adobo but a crispy, flakey one definitely takes it up a notch. It’s perfect with the garlic-mayo dip.

TOSTADONG ADOBO - 190.00                                                                                            
As a child, I was exposed to different versions of Adobo.  I like this kind best. Slightly crunchy, moderately sticky, and packed with flavor, I remember as a child, I’d skewer a piece with my fork and bounce it on top of steamed rice just before a bite. I still eat it that way today.

BINAGOONGAN - 195.00                                                                                          
A flavorful pork stew that has become one of my favorites. These are morsels of tender lean pork cooked with bagoong guisado (sauted shrimp paste) and a dollop of gata (coconut milk).

LECHON KAWALI - 195.00                                         
This is every Filipino’s favorite. I try to use the leanest pork belly available, simmer it until tender and then deep-fry it until golden and crunchy. Accompanied with a choice of 3 different dipping sauces.

DINAKDAKAN - 195.00                                               
This is a popular dish well known in the Ilocos region. Imagine tender pork slices broiled and mixed with a sour and savory sauce with raw onions & peppers tossed in. To the non-Ilocano, it’s something totally new and different. You have to try it!

Sounds like a great idea? It is! It is the kilawin flavor of the Dinakdakan and the crunchy Lechon Kawali combined so you actually get the benefit of a "two in one"!


KAREKARE - 255.00                                                   
I love the original version made with oxtail but I find it has way too much fat and hardly any meat. Since I believe that the life of this dish is in the sauce anyway, I use a leaner cut of beef and cook it until tender and gelatinous. It is accompanied by our own homemade bagoong. It will surely make you forget your name after the first bite.

KALDERETA - 235.00                                                       
Beef  Kaldereta is a Pinoy Classic that  finds it’s roots in the Spanish Caldereta, tender morsels of beef simmered in a rich, red tomato sauce. Your first bite won’t be your last. I guarantee it.

BEEF STEW - 235.00                                               
It’s not uncommon to find this dish on a Filipino dining table. It is an all time favorite from the bunso to the lola. The beef is simmered for hours in a soy sauce based broth with a touch of sesame.


BAKED CHICKEN - 185.00                      
This is a dish I learned to make from someone I met at a prayer group. One can easily get inspired during potlucks! It is an example of a simple home cooked meal that will certainly get praises.

LEMON GRASS CHICKEN - 185.00                                        
Not only is lemon grass healthy, it has such an irresistible aroma that makes it the perfect seasoning for chicken. Good with our very own sweet chili sauce.

WOODEN SPOON CRISPY CHICKEN - 195.00              
Everyone is crazy over Korean chicken.  The Wooden Spoon Chicken can hold it’s own. Give it a try!

BONELESS CRISPY CHICKEN - 205.00                 
This is one of the very first dishes I learned to cook.  It is fried chicken steak with corn and buttered mashed potatoes drizzled with a rich mushroom gravy. 


BREADED FISH FILET WITH WANSOY SAUCE - 195.00                         
Wansoy (coriander) reminds me of Bangkok, Thailand. I recreated this popular Thai sauce and it goes perfectly with a crispy and juicy fish filet. Interestingly, many of our customers request this dipping sauce for the other dishes too, like the Kwapao and the Lechon Kawali!

I was first introduced to this dish many years ago at a food stall beside the Cuneta Astrodome. This unassuming place was one of the many few lined up along a busy street of eateries, beer and out of tune karaoke tambays and an endless procession of jeepneys. I’ve recreated this dish for you to try. It’s a juicy tuna belly that is grilled and accompanied by a flavorful Pinoy salad of chopped sibuyas, kamatis  itlog na maalat, sour manggang hilaw and our homemade bagoong! (Make sure you order extra rice at mapapakain ka dito) Healthy naman!

SQUID WITH CHILI AND MUSHROOM - 225.00                             
I first came across this sauce at the old Tradewinds Hotel in Makati where it was used along with a variety of Singaporean dishes. It was so delicious that I was inspired to use the sauce on almost anything. The slightly sweet and mildly spicy sauce takes this squid dish to new heights of satisfaction.

SHRIMP PAMPANGO - 225.00                                                      
Crispy shrimps served with our very own taba ng talangka (crab fat) sauce. It’s so crunchy you can eat everything from head to tail. Can you believe that this was quite the rave in our restaurant in Paris? Can you imagine a Parisian trying to pronounce this dish?


SITAW SA GATA - 120.00                                         
A yummy kalabasa (squash) and sitaw (string beans) dish simmered in gata (coconut milk) then topped with dry toasted dilis (young anchovies).

STUFFED PECHAY - 155.00                                                               
This dish came straight out of my imagination. The combination of flavors is unique. It is pechay stuffed with tinapa (smoked fish) and simmered in a mildly spicy coconut sauce. Malinamnam!

TORTANG TALONG - 115.00                                    
Made the traditional way, this ground pork & eggplant omelet is simple yet delectable. Usually taken with banana catsup, try it with our very own sweet chili sauce.

STIR FRIED KANGKONG - 115.00                            
Quickly stir-fried in a good old Chinese Wok to give it that  smoked aroma, the kangkong stays crisp, clean and green in oyster sauce. Delicious and healthy, you can’t go wrong.


FIESTA RICE - 145.00                                              
Fried rice packed with flavor, topped with Chinese chorizo, red eggs and tinapa (smoked fish). It’s a festive heirloom recipe.

GARLIC RICE - 100.00         
White rice seasoned and stir-fried then garnished with chopped spring onions and lots of toasted garlic.

BROWN RICE - 52.00

WHITE RICE - 25.00                                


PANDAN CREPE - 115.00                                
A delicious crepe wrapped around a favorite local ice cream and fresh fruit, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and sprinkled with crunchy toppings including chopped spicy peanuts. It’s quickly become one of our popular dishes!

REYNA BLANCA - 65.00                                       
A refreshing coconut custard topped with crispy pinipig (rice puffs). It’s so yummy!

SAGO CAKE - 65.00     
There’s always room in your tummy for this light dessert of little sagos or saglets as I like to call them. It has a delicate dressing of palm sugar and is sprinkled with crispy pinipig (rice puffs). It’s the great way to clean off your palette!


SODA (330mL) - 40.00    
(Coke Regular, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Royal, Sprite)


Real Leaf ICED TEA (480 mL) (Apple, Lemon, Lychee) - 40.00     

ORANGE JUICE (330 mL) - 40.00    
(Minute Maid)

(San Mig Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light, San Mig Apple & Lemon) - 55.00
(San Miguel Premium) - 75.00

MINERAL WATER (500mL) - 25.00  

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